Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Just a quick update! Life is finally getting into a routine here after moving into my new home. I am enjoying the freedom and Independence and looking forward to lots of fun challenges!

One of my favourite Halloween movies is a short Disney cartoon from years ago, Its the telling of "Sleepy Hollow" called the "adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" and I have to say it is creep-tastic! I think it is one of the best renditions of the headless horsemen. Back when I was little the Disney channel in here Canada (called the Family Channel) used to always show this and bunch of little Halloween cartoons all in a two hour special and I always looked forward to it! Check it out here on YouTube but you don't get the creepy horsemen until part 3, I have to admit too, that it is so awesome that it's Bing Crosby singing!

I am all set for my Halloween at work tomorrow with a fun Steampunk Costume. Obviously, being a plus size gal, i need to make my own costumes a lot of the time, so I re purposed an old black skirt and shirt into a victorian-ish ensemble, and I bought some fun steam punk accessories to complete the look, Aviator goggles are a must! plus some gear earrings, lacy gloves, top hat, revolver! And I made myself a "gear" inspired belt out of tinfoil, cardboard and ribbon! Add some jewellery and you're all set! I love the look, I know its a basic costume, but it looks great, and since I have to be able to work in it I am completely happy with it as it is comfortable!

Here is my finished look!

I hope you all have a spooky holiday!

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