Monday, February 14, 2011

No Strings Attached

         I originally had wanted to go see another movie at the theatre, but due to “technical difficulties” my film was unavailable. I was given a pass to any movie I wanted, but most of the movies I really wanted were only playing at night.... so I went to this one. Not that I didn’t want to see this one, but I wasn’t going to waste a bunch of money on a movie that really you can rent. This is my major peeve with movies.... there are a ton of movies out there that basically recycle plots and locations and frankly aren’t all that original.
          The plot revolves around two acquaintances who keep on bumping into each over the years, who end up eventually deciding to use each other for sex. Natalie Portman plays Emma a medical student with no time or inclination for love, while Ashton Kutcher plays Adam, a perpetually happy go lucky character coming from a recent break up and family problems. At first this plan is brilliant and a lot of fun, but of course, problems come up for the pair when each character realizes that they have feelings for each other that have nothing to do with "just sex"

          Let’s be honest here, this sort of boy meets girl at wrong time and then again at a better time kind of movie has been done to death. Though I still found some of the jokes funny, and well, Ashton’s butt is gorgeous, the story has been told better in other movies. Also, just a little rant here about sex scenes. I’m not a prude, but I don’t get why nudity and sex is supposed to be so amazing and shocking in film. And I know here in Canada we are way less strict about movie ratings, but I can understand why this movie is rated R in the states, I was a little surprised it wasn’t rated higher here in Canada (it’s just 14A here).
          The supporting cast was good, and even Portman and Kutcher have good chemistry, but this movie just seemed so predictable. It’s definitely a date movie, good for a couple laughs.
          This is for sure a Popcorn Movie, but it could be microwave Popcorn instead of theatre popcorn.
          Best Random parts of the movie: Reference to the Disney movie “Up!”, Cary Elwes’s just being in the movie, weird “Glee”-like television show that Kutcher’s character works for.
**1/2 out of 5, just an average film.

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