Wednesday, February 9, 2011


          So yesterday my dad surprised me with an invitation to go see “Sanctum” at cheap theatre nearby (it was twoonie Tuesday – if you’re not Canadian, a twoonie is two dollars). He was treating me so I didn’t have the heart to say how little I felt like seeing this movie... So off we went.
          The movie is “inspired” by true events, and it is very loosely inspired. Basic plot is that a group of “cavers” are forced by unforeseen events to go deeper into the caves in order to find a way out, with lots of peril in their way.
          Okay... This movie was TERRIBLE! I mean, I admit I am usually fairly generous to movies in how I view them, but all I can say is awful. The lacklustre cast manages to have no chemistry and no emotional pull at all. The only part of the movie that had decent acting was scenes with just the dad character (Frank portrayed by Richard Roxburgh – who was the Duke in Moulin Rouge!) and the son character (Josh, portrayed by relative newcomer Rhys Wakefield). These scenes were somewhat better than the rest mostly because these two characters are supposed to be somewhat estranged and are only now getting to know each other. I think that is main problem. The characters had no time to be set up within the film. From the start of the movie to the disaster, there is maybe 15-20 minutes to introduce the 5 main characters and around another 5 minor characters.
          Visually, the movie was stunning, which is its redeeming point. However, I really would have rather seen a documentary on the big screen on caves and cavers, than this film. I believe that would have been 100% better. A note here, I did not see this movie in 3D and apparently it is quite stunning in 3D as well. I personally don’t see why this movie had to be in 3D, but if that is its only selling point, I think they should have spent more money on the script and actors who weren’t emotionally dead on screen.
          Let me but it this way in a small spoiler.... People die in this movie, (I won’t say who or how many) and I didn’t care at all. I wasn’t even really all that upset. Terrible acting, bad script with only visuals to carry this movie equals a terrible, awful, ghastly film. AVOID THIS MOVIE!
          Not even a popcorn movie, rotten vegetables to throw would be best
          Best random parts of the movie: use of the poem Kubla Khan by Coleridge, and “Ride of the Valkyries” being hummed near the beginning.
*1/2 out of 5
(a note, Sanctum – means a place of intense privacy.... can’t really be private in a small cave with a group of people)

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